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Original compositions imagined for film, tv, video games and more

UncotrolledAngel Irizarry
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SomethingAngel Irizarry
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SavageDogAngel Irizarry
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In the image and likenessAngel Irizarry
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They'll be goneAngel Irizarry
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Drowning by Angel IrizarryAngel Irizarry
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Drowning Video
Arrangements/ Productions

Music commissions  made for different entities

Women in the Wild PodcastAngel Irizarry
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Irizarry & Roots

A project with mixed influences as Afro-Antillean, jazz, rock and blues.

Learning Mondays

Every  Monday lessons learned, adaptations from old composers and music tips are shared through Angel's social media. 

Video Productions

Over the last years, Angel had the experience collaborating with the Berklee Youtube Channel Team, Javier Limon, and Jesus Molina as a Video editor.  

Delfina Cheb - La Milonguera

Jesus Molina - Omnipotent

Georgia Parker - Lonely Stanger

Tomoki Sanders  - Virtual Warrior

Live performance

Studio sessions